What Every Nursing Student Should Know About Medical Tourism


In some instances, people might become interested in medical tourism when they need to have a medical procedure done but they don’t have insurance. Countries like Thailand are renowned for having doctors who are experts at completing successful female to male sex change operations. Nose jobs are very popular in South Korea and a number of women are traveling to the Dominican Republic for tummy tucks and Brazilian butt lifts. So, what are you to do when you are a nursing student who has a friend or relative interested in medical tourism? You can pull out one of the textbooks you use at Regis College and outline what actually happens during invasive procedures. You can also show your loved one that you are soon to complete your MSN to DNP online and have a lot of knowledge about medicine. You can’t convince anyone else to do about your health, but here are a few things that all nursing students should be aware of about the medical tourism industry.

Nurses Are Involved During Recovery

Medical tourism is a huge deal in places like Columbia and Brazil. Surgeons and doctors might be performing the actual procedures, but nurses care for patients after they have been operated on. In fact, recovery houses are typically staffed by those who have completed online doctoral nursing programs and know what to look out for when someone is recovering from an elective procedure. In most countries, including the US, private nurses are used by patients who want more specialized care. A nurse can take care of a patient in an outpatient facility or a hotel so long as they have the right credentials.

Medical Tourism Can Come at a Risk

If you travel to another country for the purposes of getting a medical procedure, you have to look at the reputation of the surgeon, the cleanliness of the facilities, and even the laws that cover patient safety. For instance, there are no laws in the Dominican Republic that protect plastic surgery patients or their families in the event of death. This means that the surgeon could be completely negligent and leave you botched, but you won’t have any form of recourse. In essence, traveling to most other countries to get an elective procedure performed is a risk that you should weigh taking closely.

Going Overseas for Medical Procedures Isn’t Cheap

Patients that travel outside of the US to have liposuction, breast implants and even hair restoration usually go because the expenses appear to be lower. They might have seen the results of someone else who had recently come back from a successful medical tourism trip. These patients often do price comparisons with local doctors and quickly decide to take their chances overseas. While you might get a chance to fly abroad and get a glimpse of another culture, you’re not guaranteed to be happy with the results you receive, even if they are cheaper monetarily.

Some surgeons from abroad came to the US to complete medical school. Doctors in foreign lands have often been the pioneers in medical procedures that are now regularly performed in the United States. At the same time, you don’t want to get involved in medical tourism unless you are having a procedure done by a world-renowned doctor.