A few ways to make your house move a little easier.


Moving home is one of the most exciting and equally most stressful times during your adult life. For anyone who has done it as a child, we may not have noticed how much time and work really goes into preparing your new home, while also preparing your old home for new tenants. As adults, we notice much work is really involved in a move. we must take into account, all the individuals involved, the priority household items which need to be moved, what the neighbours will be like and how the services are in your new home. All while packing, organising and dealing with other day-to-day events as they come. Luckily, we also realise that we do not need to do all of these tasks ourselves and that there are a host of businesses willing and able to help the transition run a little smoother. We’re going to look at just a few aspects of a house move and how you can outsource some of these tasks.


High up on many new home owner’s lists is the cleanliness of the new home. But they must also consider the accommodation that they are vacating. You could spend hours and hours scrubbing walls and floors in both of these homes. A better idea would be to outsource this work to professional cleaning companies. They would be able to complete the tasks in a much more effective and efficient manner allowing for a faster transition between accommodation. If you are renting, it will ensure a happy landlord and a good reference in the future. A clean home is always nice, but in a new home it is even better.

Moving future:

Definitely the most physically demanding aspect of any move, moving furniture can also be mentally draining. Choosing what you need and what you can throw away/donate can take quite a long time especially if you are moving to a smaller home or if you want to completely overhall your furniture. Luckily there are plenty of companies which can help with this such as Shiply. They along with many other companies specialise in small house moves and can ensure a fast and efficient service. This will free up more of your time to focus on other aspects of this big change.

Paying bills:

When moving home it is important to inform your service providers in due course. Before you move try to pay any outstanding debts so you can begin with a fresh budget and plan. If you bundle your services together this would be an easier and more efficient way to keep track of your bills and expenses. It is also good to research the providers in your area and see how they compare to your existing one. Sometimes it is possible to make good savings depending on your location

These are just some ways you can make moving to a new house a little easier. Although it might cost a little more at the stat the savings on stress and time could not be measured through finances.