Going on a holiday with your baby makes the experience wholesome. You get to spend some alone and quality time with them, and if you are lucky enough, share some interesting activities together. Let’s face it; it is not every day that adults and babies find common interests in which they can all participate in!

Traveling with your baby around the world is a great way to get them acclimatized to various cultures and climates. How you plan for it can either mean you enjoy the trip or look forward to when it ends. These five planning tricks will help you have a smooth time with your baby;

Find out what the law says about traveling with minors

The worst trip is one that ends even before it begins. Do your research on what your country’s laws say on minors traveling abroad and also what your country of destination requires before allowing in minors. What medical checks do they have to undergo and how much do they cost? Do they need visas and passports too? In case you are a breastfeeding mom, are breast pumps allowed and to what specifications? Finding out these beforehand will save you a lot of pain, disappointment, cancellation costs and public humiliation. You need put in a lot of work into preparations when traveling with your baby.

Finding space for your packing list

If it’s just the two of you, your baby and yourself, going on a trip, then you might want to limit the number of suitcases you will have to drag around. You might have to sacrifice some of your luggage to create space for the baby’s essentials (which are not few by the way!). You have to pack both cold weather and warm weather clothes for the baby. Toys are essential, but limit them to one or two of their favorite.

With adequate planning, you can even make matching t-shirts for you and your baby. Check on how to do it by yourself.

While fitting all these into one suitcase might make work easier for you, it is better to carry two separate bags – one for the baby and the other for you, to make it easier to find the baby’s stuff when you need them.

Prepare for medical emergencies

Consult a pediatrician for recommendations for a traveling baby. Get advice on the baby’s diet needs and how to react to your baby’s response to change of environment. Pack medication for chronic conditions such as colds and coughs, after professional advice from qualified medical personnel. A mini first-aid kit won’t hurt. Do not forget to also pack some for yourself. But remember to check border guidelines on such medication as they might be restricted.

Where to stay

A real headache comes in finding a place to stay during your holidays. Things might be easier if you are being hosted by a family or renting a home or cottage. If you are staying in a hotel, request for a baby cot when booking. Also, make sure that the place isn’t too isolated that it will be difficult to replenish essentials such as diapers. Availability of babysitters and fun activities for children at the hotel are an added advantage; you might need some alone time.

Bonus tip: Getting a baby tracker doesn’t do any harm. These beautiful souls like wondering, and you can’t have them under your watch all the time. Chaining them to your ankles is definitely out of the question! A frantic search through the airport just after you’ve been cleared to board is not an activity you will enjoy.