Top Reasons why you should go on a World Wide Hunting Tour

If you love hunting for both the thrill, the skill and the landscapes, why not try a worldwide hunting tour? The reasons are all there, but if you need them spelled out for you, you’re on the right page.

You’ll see new places

Just imagine all the places, landscapes, and landforms you can see. From deep valleys to steep ravines, from cold, frozen tundras to lush, humid tropical forests, the world is your oyster now.

Besides, you don’t have to spend all your free time in the wild, either. Now you get the chance to visit new cities, learn interesting stuff about new cultures, see inspiring archaeological stuff, while you’re out providing your own food.

You can use different equipment

Since you’ll be hunting in various places around the Globe, you’ll get to shoot different game too. That entails getting your hands on different equipment that’s most appropriate for each game. For instance, you might want to try a bow for shooting whitetail deer in Texas, even if you’re not into bow hunting.

Or you can get that muzzleloader out for a ride to shoot ducks or boars in the wilderness of Asia, though you’ll need the best muzzleloader scope to go with it. So you can now try different equipment in terms of weapons, bullets, scopes and other accessories for which you lacked an opportunity and reason before.

You’ll learn new tricks

Since you’ll be shooting in new weather, new terrains and going after different game, you really need to learn new tricks that are most suited for different conditions. Your stalking will be quite different if you’re after waterfowl than if you’re hunting foxes in the tundra, for instance.

But you also need to learn how to apply different kinds of shots, and which equipment enables you to do that. So you’ll need a Duplex reticle for bigger animals or for brush hunting, but you’ll want a scope with a BDC reticle for long-range hunting.

And since shooting for the long-range implies different skills than shooting at a close distance, you won’t just need good gear in terms of scopes and weapon. You’ll need to adjust your expectations and learn new tricks that can only be discovered while you’re out in the wild.

You’ll use old skills

Even if you learn new stuff, that doesn’t mean you won’t use your old arsenal of hunting skills. You’ll need to have the same patience when you’re out shooting wild rabbit as you are when you’re after bears. Besides, you’ll need the same dexterity and accuracy even if you’re in new places.

The point is how you adapt the skillset and mindset you already poses to new circumstances. That entails some creativity and ingenuity, but it also brings the immense satisfaction of getting it right.

Besides, what’s going to happen after you shoot your game? You need to transport it to your camp, skin it and prepare it either for cooking or for freezing it. For that you’ll need some good utensils, starting with a reliable knife and the steady hand you should already have. Of course, skinning varmint is much easier than skinning deer or other bigger game, but the basics stay the same.

You can meet new people

The hunting community isn’t that big because not many people around the world have the opportunity to try it. Besides, you need to invest both time and money in this activity, which most people don’t have. But if you’re traveling the world for new hunting spots, you’re bound to meet new people, which means you can learn new things.

The first thing you’ll learn is a different mindset in relation to the world and nature, which translates into different shooting styles ranging from aggressive to very cautious. You’ll meet people who are in it for a plethora of reasons, from the thrill of the kill to a form of nature-worshipping.

But more than that, you can tie new friendships and make part of the larger hunter’s community. You can then plan new hunting trips together, come back for a hunting visit with your new friends or invite them over to your place.

And don’t forget the chance to learn new tips and tricks from the people native to a certain place, that already hunt a certain type of game. You can even benefit from tips on how to select your clothes, not just your gear or how to shoot.

You can find new hobbies

Since you’re in a new place, you can always try new hobbies unless you’re just there for the hunt. So you can find increased pleasure in hiking for one, you’ll probably have to do that between different hunting spots. And if you’re in an alpine environment, maybe you’ll fall in love with ice climbing or skiing.

But if you’re after waterfowl, you can always discover the pleasure offered by bird watching. You might even become an expert in exotic birds and wow your friends back home with all the new things you’ve learned.

Or you might discover that stalking different game brings you closer to nature photography, at which point you can always get a good outdoor camera and start photographing all the wonders Mother Nature has given us.  And if you’re sightseeing too during your hunt, you might actually get into history, that’s a really cool thing to try.

There’s always the option to get more interested in survival skills since chances are you’re going to need plenty of that from the get-go. But you can chisel your survival abilities, maybe dedicate an increased amount of time to that when you get home.

Or, you can try related activities like fishing, which requires a different skill set and completely different tools. And that can provide another great opportunity to try a new worldwide tour, but this time for fishing since ice fishing in Japan is quite the opposite of saltwater fishing in the Seychelles.