Things you should know about traveling with pets

About thirty million individuals are estimated to travel with their pets on a yearly basis. Major airlines accommodate about five hundred animals every day. While pets can make excellent travel companions, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want to set out for your next amazing destination along with your cat or dog.

Here are some tips and tricks you might find useful if you’re considering traveling with your fluffy or furry friend. You won’t have the convenience of a cat bed or a dog house when you’re out and about, but here are some funky options you might want to check out.

Airline safety and documentation

It goes without saying that one of the most important things you need to check off the list when you’re preparing to take off with your pet is having all the documentation on you. Check with your vet before leaving on your trip. Bring along all of the vaccine records as they are required by most airlines.

Some countries limit the entry of some types of pets, which is the case of Australia, for instance. Australian officials are particularly attentive when it comes to your pets’ documentation, so make a point out of providing them and having them on you all of the time.

You will need identification which will consist of an ID tag, the microchip, and a passport with a picture of the animal. Before buying your ticket, you need to check with the airline and find out whether there are any weight limitations for traveling pets. The pet carrier is included in the overall weight you’ll check in.

Car travel with your furry friends

For road trips, it might be a good idea to take a test ride before actually going on the road for several hours on end. This way, you will notice whether the dog or cat becomes anxious when spending too much time cooped up in the car.

As for the pet’s safety, there are some things that you can buy and install to make sure that your Fido or Tom is safe from harm. Dogs can wear a seat belt, too, so you should at least consider getting a car-specific harness for them.

Don’t ever leave your pets alone unless they have all the essentials readily available. On an 85-degree day, the temperature in your car with all of the windows cracked might reach as much as 110 degrees in the time span of just ten minutes. That kind of temperature can be lethal to a dog or a cat, especially if they have a lot of fur.

Pet-friendly destinations

Most pet parents know that some hotels are different from others in that they allow you to stay with your furry little friend. That doesn’t happen for all types of accommodation, of course. If you really have to spend time in a location where there’s no pet-friendly B&B or hotel, we urge you to seek out appropriate lodging for them.