Send Notification Using Emergency Text Alert System

Many of us are fortunate that we do not have to experience emergency evacuation from our homes. Emergency evacuation usually happens when there is a breakout of fire, landslide, flooding due to thunderstorm, or other natural disaster. Sometimes emergency alerts were sounded too late and lives and belongings were lost. There are many reasons for late emergency alerts. It could be due to negligence, faulty devices or outdated software. Sometimes, safety officials or authorities were blamed for not alerting the public of natural or man-made disasters that resulted in loss of many lives. Timely and reliable alert systems is very important in the event of these disasters in order to save human lives and livestock.

If you are an outdoor person or someone who is in charge of organizing outdoor activities of a college, university or even a big organization, it is important that you stay informed of the changing weather around you. This is especially necessary when it involves safety and lives. Take for example, an outdoor event is scheduled to take place on a certain afternoon. But you have received alerts of approaching lightning storm to your area few hours before the event. You are then able to send out timely notification to alert everyone concerned and in the process, call off the outdoor event for everyone’s safety. There is ample time for all participants or public to keep away from the open area and stay safely indoors.

You can now download one of the best live lightning tracker apps onto your mobile phone to keep track of thunderstorms or lightning strikes around your area. These lightning trackers are used for monitoring lightning strikes all around the world in real time. Some apps even display the thunderstorm as they occur and you can see a history of areas where lightning strikes occur most often. Once you have received notifications of an approaching storm you can monitor it live on a map.

With the emergency text alert system you can deliver notifications to warn recipients of the approaching thunderstorm within seconds from your mobile phone to keep them safe. Some apps even have features that will require feedback from your recipients to confirm that they have received the notification.

Whatever your job or responsibilities, as long as you are involved in outdoor activities, safety is of utmost importance. It is important to protect and inform your team, participants, staff, and others including the public about dangerous weather conditions. Always be alert to clear outdoor areas as quickly as possible before the lightning approaches.