Ready, Checked, Go! Car Safety Checks To Do Before A Long Journey


When it comes to long road trips, the last thing you want to happen is a breakdown or bump. You want the journey to go smoothly, as you sing along to the radio, enjoy the scenery, and imagine what fun you’ll have when you reach your destination. It’s important that you do all the car safety checks before you embark on your journey to ensure there’s not a migraine of mechanical issues along the way. Here’s a few things you can add to your #CarSafetyChecklist

Schedule a Service

For those of you who feel as though checking your car is like rocket science, or you prefer not having the hassle of getting your hands dirty, or even making mistakes, there are companies out there who’ll do all the hard work for you. is one company that will provide a quality service to set you up nicely for your road trip.

Fill Up On Fluids

By checking the level of the fluid in your car, you’re one step closer to having a more efficient and reliable journey. Don’t leave the fluids low and your engine burnt out, ready to go caput at any moment. This is one of the most basic maintenance checks you can do that takes a minimal amount of time.

You’ll need to check the oil, coolant, windscreen and brake fluid levels are all up to scratch. Some cars have clutch and power steering fluids that may also need to be checked to ensure safe maneuvering and braking. Car manuals are the best place to skim through in order to know exactly what goes where.

Wipe Out Worn Tyres

Are your tyres able to withstand the varying weathers that will be thrown at them, or will they slip and slide when rain falls, and snow sets. You don’t have to be the one left feeling like you need to get a grip if your tyres are doing that job for you.

You want a tread of no less that 2.5mm, otherwise you’ll have to replace them for your journey. With long trips especially, there has to be a good amount of tread left, as tyres warm up more quickly, and therefore wear out easier too.

Check the pressure of your tyres as well, make sure you pump them up to the right pressure for your tyres, and don’t exceed that amount. Keep clear of any bulges or small tears, as this could result in a major collision should they blow. Ensure the spare tyres are in good condition too, should anything happen to the other ones along the way.

Brilliant Battery Power

Don’t let your battery go dead while you’re driving, it’ll add hours to your already very long journey. Lights could have been left on, and chargers could have been left plugged in, all contributing to a weaker battery life. Make sure your battery is strong and has clean terminals.