Pro Tips for a Perfect Cruise

A cruise vacation could be one of the most exhilarating and thrilling trips in one’s life. It offers a unique and delightful combination of lazing away on a deck as you cross endless borders and hopping on and off board as you navigate your way through new cities. Cruising, especially on an Azamara cruises vessel also leaves you with so many things to do on-board! Operating along the Mediterranean region and Northern-Western Europe, these luxury vessels offer delectable world cuisines, gala parties, relaxing spas and fitness centres that make your trip that much more amazing.

However, if you’re planning your first cruise, you could use a couple of tips to ensure that it goes perfectly.

1. A Carry-On Bag

Now, there are so many reasons why having a carry-on bag is so essential when you decide to go on a cruise. It’s advisable to have a small bag in which you pack all your absolute essentials: your toiletries, medication, a swimsuit and at least one change of clothes. Not only does this ensure that you will at least have your absolute essentials in case your luggage gets misplaced, but will also allow you to get going and explore the vessel as soon as you board. It is often a while before your luggage reaches your room and waiting for it can get irritating. Having your essentials with you means that you can get the party started as soon as you want to!

2. Your Passports

You may think that you don’t need to carry your passport because you’re not crossing international borders. Well, it’s advisable to have your passports on you no matter how near or far you’re travelling because you might be asked to produce your passport at unlikely places. Make a note of your cruise destinations and your vessel’s stated passport requirements.

3. Shorts and bathing suits

Agreed, this doesn’t need to be mentioned. However, make sure that the suits and trunks that you carry are comfortable and quick drying. Having sealing pockets also comes in handy quite often, when you need to put in small things like a ring inside the pocket before going for a quick dip. Since packing light is important on a cruise trip, you could also look for reversible suits that you can wear more than once!

4 Chargers and power strips

Imagine being on the deck and running out of charge. It’s not very comfortable running to your room every time your battery drains out. Yes, you’re probably telling yourself that you’re going to spend time connecting with nature and enjoying conversations, but you’re probably still going to want your phone to take the million pictures that you will. So keep the chargers ready because there may not be enough points on the ship. Also, if you’re a gadget freak carrying way too many devices, take that power strip along with you.

Apart from these, also be prepared for the fancy parties with some smart jackets and bring along your soaps and shampoos if you think using anything else is absolutely impossible for you. But most importantly, let your hair down and enjoy the ride!