Nikon D750 for Child and Pet Photography

We all love kids and pets. Well, kids are sometimes in need of more attention and pets are sometimes annoying; however, we have to agree that for the most parts of their existence, they are very lovable.

Before your child’s cuteness fades, or before your pet’s enthusiasm for playing around with you fades, it is a must to capture those picture perfect bonds first. Some good memories to immortalize include traveling with your pets and when you are making your holidays vacation-ready with your child.

Why Nikon D750 out of all of them? Read on.

  1. It is good for still imaging.

It is an FX-format camera meaning it uses an FX sensor, which is bigger compared to its counterparts. Not only that the bigger the sensor is the better, FX sensor also has more light gathering area meaning it can literally see more. Having this sensor plus its 24.3 MP makes Nikon D750 ideal for high-resolution imagery.

It can also automatically adapt to DX-dedicated lenses if attached, so it is nonetheless very versatile.

The color range that your pets perceive might be limited compared to ours, yet your child, being a child, loves colors. Nikon D750 with its EXPEED 4 image processor engine makes those colors gradations smooth and the random variation of their brightness low.

If you worry about not capturing the mischief of your kids getting lost, I mean your pets hiding in dark nooks you don’t even know existed. Fear not. Nikon D750 has an expandable ISO 51200. This is already a high value which allows capturing quality images even in low light conditions and it is expandable, so it can still be pushed for more.

  1. It is also good for recorded videos and connectivity.

So how about if your pet or kid goes to places you really won’t fit. No, you’re not that big, not really. It’s just that you need the proper camera to complement the fun. Nikon D750 aside from its Full HD 1080p/60 which is good for video recording, has a tilting 3.2 inches 1,229k-dot LCD monitor which allows you to easily film at low and high angles, and at the same time really get into the fun because what you see in your camera display is so clear.

Also, Nikon D750 built-in WIFI connectivity results to more file sharing with your friends across the internet and you can use your phone to remotely trigger the camera. It is not going to get better than that if we are talking about candid photography or candid filmmaking.

  1. It has an on point autofocus (AF), ideal for your pets’ or kids’ special moments.

Filming your kid’s first walk or taking a photo of your dog that just learned to obey you saying “sit”, or filming the first time your parrot says “I love you”, is something which requires a good deal of autofocus. They need all the attention they can get.

Here, Nikon D750 has a 51-point AF system. It means there are 51 available places across the frame of the picture which the camera automatically chooses from and because of its 15 cross-type points; these vantage points can function well on quick moving subjects.

Well, the problem occurs if your kid has a lot of friends or your pet has its own group too. Don’t worry, with RGB sensor of 91 000 pixels and 3D Color Matrix Metering III system a group of subjects will have an appropriate exposure.

  1. It has two memory card slots you should know how to use.

Nobody wants to forget the good old days. Nikon D750 even got your memory covered. It has the ability to record raw or uncompressed video to an external recorder.

The above statement only functions like a reinforcement or a plan B, because Nikon D750 already has a 2 built in memory card slots. It is imperative that you should know how to use them properly.

It is all about configuring the proper settings. Role played by card in Slot 2 dialog box will give you three options: overflow, backup and RAW slot 1 – JPEG slot 2.

If overflow, saved data go to the first card, then when it is full, Nikon D750 starts saving to the second card. If backup, Nikon D750 will save data to the two memory cards at the same time. If RAW slot 1 – JPEG slot 2 is chosen, data is saved to one card in RAW while the same data is also saved to the second card in JPEG.

If you have two memory cards with 4GB to 8GB capacity, choose overflow. If you have memory cards with big capacity, like both of them is 64 GB, use backup. Backup is very useful in case one memory card is damaged, you’ll have the other one as backup. In that case, you are very sure that those captured moments with your kid or pet are insured.

If you have two memory cards with two different capacities, choose the last: RAW slot 1 – JPEG slot 2 option. Use the one with bigger capacity for the RAW and the other with smaller capacity for the JPEG, since RAW files are unprocessed files which require more space.

And if you want find the perfect memory card for Nikon D750, Cameraseals will help you with that

So now you know why NikonD750 loves your child and pet as much as you love them too! Getting to know this product is getting to know the right way to the heart of your kid and pet.