Making Money On Your Travels

In today’s fast paced environment many people are deciding to take some time out to do travelling. While a year of travelling the world used to always be reserved for the cliche of students on a gap year, many older people are now making the time to go off exploring. While travelling the world is a wonderful thing to do, it can come at a hefty price tag. Most people are not lucky enough to have savings that they can turn to when they wish to travel but others have to try and find ways to make money while they are abroad. Luckily there are many convenient ways to make money while travelling the world.


A lot of people still scoff at the notion of making money blogging, and although it can be hard to get off of the ground it can actually be really lucrative in the travel niche.If you set up a self hosted blog you will be able to sell advertising space and get a certain amount of money per click. You need quite a large following to do this so it is best to start your blog and get everything in place before you go. Although you do need a large following to make money from hosting advertising space on your blog this is incredibly easy to do with a travel blog as many people thinking of going to your destination will find the information useful to them.

Sell pictures online

When you are snapping pictures of beautiful places on your travels, thinking bigger than your Instagram account can actually be fairly lucrative. Websites like Shutterstock or Getty allow you to sell your photos online to be used as stock photos for websites. Although it is unlikely you will get a lot of that picture you took of your cat asleep for your snapchat, travel pictures are actually able to command big bucks. There are other websites like Fotolia that also give you the chance to sell your photos online. If you have the time you could even draw up a contract and sell them directly by showcasing them on your website. One of the main things you will need to remember if you are going to use your photography skills to sell photos online is that once you have sold them to someone else you no longer have the right to use them. Many bloggers and websites rely on stock photos so you will not be able to use the image once it is sold for your personal social media.

Online trading

The thought of online trading can sound incredibly intimidating to someone who has no previous knowledge of the stock market. It’s perfectly understandable that many people do not consider this a viable option to make extra funds but more and more people are learning the trading basics and earning extra cash for a minimal amount of work. Some online trading platform companies offer an online trading platform that allow you to trade in instruments such as forex, stocks and shares, CFD’s and mutual funds. Trading forex is especially fun while travelling as you will get to see the differences between currencies first hand. Starting an online trading account does not take long and you are able to practice with a practice mode of the website before you deposit funds and actually start investing. Online trading companies all more or less also offer a mobile app so that you do not need to be chained to your laptop while you are trying to enjoy your travels.