How to Keep Up Studying for Your Online MSN Degree If You Are Going Away This Holiday Season

The advent (Christmas pun intentional) of online degrees has made it possible for people looking to do a post-grad degree and get to the next stage in their career to do it flexibly and economically while still working in their current roles.

Online Master’s Degrees for Nurses

If you are on a nursing path, then doing an RN to MSN (registered nurse to master of science in nursing) degree can open up more senior positions, and make you a good candidate for leadership roles in nursing.

Doing your RN to MSN online is therefore a great way to move towards a more lucrative job with more responsibility, while also keeping your current working schedule and still having time for a personal and family life too!

A Break to Your Routine Can Be a Challenge for Your Study Time

Most nurses doing this find it fairly easy to balance studying with their jobs and lives once they get into a routine, but the times when routine goes out of the window – such as when on vacation – can make studying more difficult to keep up with.

While many nurses don’t get the luxury of time off over the holidays, if you have managed to score some coveted Christmas leave and are planning to go away – whether to visit relatives or simply to enjoy Christmas somewhere new, here are some tips for keeping up on your studies:

Set Up a Goal Amount of Studying You’ll Be Satisfied With

Unless your plan with your trip is to hole yourself away somewhere peaceful and focus on studying (in which case you probably don’t need any tips!), then chances are that being realistic, you are going to get less study done over Christmas than on a normal week. This is perfectly normal and just about every student in the world will be doing the same (if they celebrate Christmas).

However, what you do need to establish is how much study you will need to get done to be satisfied with your work over the holidays. Whether you set this goal as a number of hours, or the completion of certain tasks or modules is up to you, but knowing this going into your trip is the bare minimum you need to do to assuage feelings of guilt!

Work Out a Plan with Study Windows

Having figured out how much work you will be satisfied with, now you simply need to work out when you are going to do it. Making a schedule for your Christmas vacation may not sound fun, but if you do it and stick to it you can at least be sure you will achieve your study goal.

Look for dead time, for instance when on a plane or train, which can easily be used for study if you are prepared, as well as days when nothing much is going on in your plans. Focus study windows on these and you won’t feel you are missing out.

By planning and setting targets, you can keep up your online RN to MSN studies over Christmas without too much trouble.