How to Avoid Missing Your Flight

Any travellers’ worst nightmare is missing their flight. Especially missing it just mere minutes. The headache that follows is brutal and will always result in you taking out your credit card to purchase new tickets for another flight. It’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

Don’t be late

Time management is crucial especially if you’re dealing with timed transportation. And sometimes, even with incredible time management on your part, something like traffic can throw you off your game. Luckily, there are ways for you to avoid delay and let you get on the plane at the right time without much trouble. Here are a few of those ideas:

Avoid Peak Travel Times. If you’re going on vacation, avoid the hassle and the crowd by checking the calendars and booking your flight on off-season dates. This ensures that there will be no long lines to wait on, and you can guarantee yourself some good seats. You also don’t have to worry about being late because you won’t have to deal with massive traffic and large numbers of people in the airport getting in your way.

Prepare your food beforehand. Want a quick meal without paying for airline food? The best way to cheat your way onboard without compromising security is with preparation. Want a breakfast but have no time to prepare? Put some oatmeal and fresh fruit in a Ziploc bag and freeze some water in your water bottle to quickly get it past airport security. Once you’re on board, ask the attendant for some warm water and a coffee mug for your oatmeal, and you have yourself instant breakfast and an ice-cold drink throughout your flight.

Take What is necessary. When it comes to packing your bags for the trip, always take into account how many days you expect to be gone. Will it be two to three days? A week or two? If you can, try to pack everything in your carry on. This eliminates the need to check your bag in. But if you do need to take luggage with you, then be mindful of the maximum allowed weight. Weigh it in before taking it to the airport to avoid any unnecessary fees that it might incur.

Ship Packages beforehand. If you’re moving to another state or country and have a lot of things to take with you like books and other items, ship them beforehand. This avoids the hassle of taking a lot of stuff with you to your flight and will let you travel light. Another advantage is that when you ship it beforehand, all you have to do is unpack when you get to your destination.

Book airport parking. Finding a ride to the airport can be very stressful. You ask a friend to give you a ride, they say yes, and they “forget” to drive you on the day. Booking an Uber or Lyft can be a challenge as a lot may not be available right away. The best way is to rely on yourself. Find a domestic airport parking service and book a parking space in advance, so you don’t have to go around looking for a parking space and waste time.

Another advantage of booking a parking space beforehand is that you don’t have to rely on anyone other than yourself to get you to the airport on time. All you have to do now is to make sure that your vehicle is up and running.

What’s more, offsite airport parking often offers additional services that can be done to your car while you’re away including the option to have covered parking as well as a car wash or oil change service while you are away. That way, you will be greeted by a fresh-looking car when you get home from your vacation.