Hidden dangers – everyday products that could be damaging your health

There are many everyday items we take for granted, and as they are so readily available, you may be under the illusion that they are safe to use, after all, the government would surely put a stop to dangerous items being made available to the general public? You would hope so, but unfortunately there are products, which many of us use every day, that have hidden dangers. Discover some of them here, so you know which products to avoid in the future.

Polystyrene/Styrofoam food containers

Many of us enjoy a takeout every now and again, despite them not being the heathiest option, but were you aware that the packaging could be doing more damage to your health than the food? Styrene, which is found in this type of packaging is a human carcinogen, which means it is a product that can cause cancer. Polystyrene food containers have the potential to leak styrene into food substances and therefore foods that have been delivered in these types of packaging should be avoided.


A lawn can be a status symbol, with the most manicured and cared for lawn depicting an image of a meticulous homeowner. Some people go to great lengths to ensure their lawn is weed-free and beautifully maintained. One way in which some people do this is to employ the help of a company like ChemLawn, otherwise known as Tru Green. This company, alongside others claim their products and services provide a more environmentally friendly, and healthy method of treating lawns. However, research reveals that although their claims to use EPA approved substances may be true, that this doesn’t mean such substances are safe. There are still EPA-approved substances that use chemicals that can cause burning sensations in the throat, breathing difficulties, vomiting, and dizziness, and headaches. Click on the Chemlawn Near Me link to find out more. 

Reusable plastic drinking bottles

These may be helping the environment by reducing waste, but reusable plastic water bottles that have the number 7 in the recycling symbol could be harming your health. These particular bottles contain polycarbonate that may contain bisphenol A, which research has shown can stimulate prostate cancer cells. To avoid the risk posed by polycarbonate drinking bottles, switch to stainless steel bottles, or those produced using higher density polyethylene.

Aluminium kitchenware

Although there is no definitive proof, it is believed there is a link between aluminium use and Alzheimer’s disease. Older pots and pans are sometimes made using aluminium and this material can leak into your food as you cook it. Dispense of old cookware, and replace with contemporary pots and pans. 


Considering you probably spend approximately eight hours asleep each night, ensuring your mattress is safe should be a priority. Some mattresses contain Polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs, which are used as flame retardant. Some of the health problems associated with PBDEs include brain damage, thyroid function problems, and reproductive difficulties. Check the labels on all your mattresses, and if you find them to contain PBDEs you should seriously consider replacing them.