Creating Highly Interactive Split Screen Travel Videos With Movavi Video Editor

If you travel a lot you surely have numerous travel videos that you want to edit with effects and transitions. This is not at all difficult to do since there are various programs that are available at the moment. However, when you are mainly interested in something more complex like the possibility to play two videos side by side in your edited project, the number of options available go down drastically. One that is quickly gaining popularity and that you do want to consider right now is Movavi Video Editor. Let’s see exactly why this is the case.

Quickly Splitting The Screen As You Create Your Video

If you have two videos that you want to play side by side, the first thing to do is download Movavi Video Editor. Open the software and select the side by side video feature. Then, you select the two files that you want to have playing side by side.

Keep in mind that you can so easily take video editing one step further. Instead of just leaving the entire video to play side by side, you can select starting and ending points for both of the videos. This will create the exact result you are looking for.

Make Editing Even More Impressive

Movavi Video Editor gives you access to so many interesting features. The number of transitions and effects included is much higher than what many expect. Take advantage of this and do not quickly export the video after the side by side aspect is complete. You can, for instance, add an interesting video or a timestamp to the project. Then, you can move from the side by side to full video or the other way around. There are basically no limits to what is available, all at a price that is much lower than what many expect.

The last thing that should be mentioned is that there is a free trial available with Movavi Video Editor. Use it to see if the features included are useful for you. This is something you are most likely going to figure out in just a few minutes.