A few things to consider in a new location.

When you travel to a new destination every traveller is met with a few issues that they must overcome before they can enjoy all that the new location has to offer. These are usually the small tasks that are sometimes over looked or are done at last minute. Most of the time they can be taken care of either before your departure or when you arrive, this all depends on what type of traveller you are and what kind of trip you are taking. If it just as shot holiday it’s better to have everything pre-planned and booked, but if you are backpacker it might be possible that this is some of the fun that can come with arriving in a new place. Let’s check out some of the challanges you may face and how to overcome them.


Definitely a must have for any new location unless you are planning to camp, having accommodation sorted before you arrive can take out a lot of hassle and stress which can come after a long journey. There are a host of online sources that can help you find the right accommodation with the correct amenities. If you prefer to arrive without accommodation you may either be very lucky, or very unlucky depending on the location. In many places arriving without a booking will result in cheaper rates but for a lot less quality, if you’re not too fussy then this is not problem.


No matter your place of arrival it will be necessary to find some transport to locate your accommodation unless they have it arranged for you. Tuk tuks and moto taxis are the norm in less developed regions. They are fast and usually cheap as long as they stick to the correct route. In more developed countries and primarily in cities you can book a taxi or use a private hire car. If arriving at night it is always a good idea to have the route prepared and if possible the transport pre-arranged.

Language barriers:

Depending on your location this can be a major problem upon arrival into a new location. Language gaps can cause a lot of confusion and lead to a mix up with transport or accommodation. It is always good to try and learn a fee basic phrases before you arrive into a new destination where you know the language gap will be a little difficult. This will help put you at ease and make communication a little easier. Although not always possible it definitely helps. Otherwise miming is almost universal.

Traveling and moving locations always comes with its challenges but if these are seen to before departure it makes the journey far more enjoyable, that is unless you enjoy the challenge. Sometimes planning your trip can be almost as enjoyable as the trip itself, especially if it is a location that you are very excited about. So always remember to do a little research and If you feel like booking go ahead and book.