Best Things to Do in Randwick

Whenever there’s Australia mentioned, most people envision Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Even though these big cities are beautiful and worth seeing, there’s also something unique about visiting smaller Australian cities. One of them is Randwick in New South Wales. It was founded in the 19th century and today, it boasts the population of almost 30,000. In case you’re toying with the idea of visiting less prominent Australian places, then Randwick is a great choice. Here are the best things that you can do there.

1. Hit the beaches

Australia’s known for its gorgeous beaches, so why would Randwick be any different? Wylie’s Bath, Mahoon Pool and Maroubra Beach are all beautiful beaches with so many things to do. For example, Wylie’s Bath has hot showers, restaurants with snacks, wellness activities, seating places under the shade and swimming clubs. Even though the place is huge, it’s important to mention that the beach is open from 7 AM till 5 PM. On the other hand, there’s also the Congwong beach, which is more relaxing and calm. If you prefer to just spend time in peace and quiet, then this beach is the right choice for you.

2. Visit the La Perouse museum

Even if you’re not a fan of visiting museums, there’s still something great about visiting them and learning something new. If you happen to be in Randwick, then visiting the La Perouse Museum is a must. This museum hosts valuable records of the French explorer Comte de Lapérouse. It was built in 1881 as a cable station, and it was also used as a Salvation Army refuge in the World War II. In 1988, it was turned into a museum. This place also exhibits the Aboriginal history and culture. Another museum worth visiting is the Museum of Human Disease. It contains over 2,500 human disease tissues, including diseases that are now considered very rare, such as diphtheria or typhoid.

3. Go to the restaurants and bars

There are restaurants that offer many delicious foods and cakes. Thanks to a lot of international students, you can find different tasty cuisines. One of them is Kurtosh House One, that has Hungarian funnel cakes. The best place to look for restaurants is at the junction of St Paul Street and Peruse Road. This place is locally known as The Spot. When it comes to bars, you should definitely check out The Spanish Fly and Randi Wixs. Hotels also offer a great choice of food and drinks, so that’s something you should consider when looking for accommodation in Randwick. There are too many things to try, so be sure to get organized so you’ll be able to taste everything this charming place has to offer.

4. Visit the racecourse

The Randwick racecourse opened in 1933. In 1992, Queen Elizabeth II visited the racecourse and gave permission for the venue to be called The Royal Racecourse. There are many races throughout the year, and for those who don’t like to watch races, there are restaurants and tea houses with a lovely view of the racecourse. In case you get hungry, there are deluxe picnic hampers with cold selections such as king prawns, Sicilian chicken and a rich selection of mini desserts. Also, there are bar platters with cheese, mini beef pies and finger sandwiches. If you plan on going back to the Royal Racecourse, then maybe you should consider becoming a member, since the membership offers a lot of benefits.

These are some of the best things to do in Randwick. This place has its unique charm, so next time you’re in the area, make sure to visit this lovely place and enjoy every great thing it has to offer.