Australia: What to Know Before Visiting

In video games, you don’t go into a boss battle unprepared. You grind, power up and prepare everything you need to win against your opponent. This is also applicable in real life. You don’t go to a country without first knowing a few of their customs. Hand gestures are something you should learn about before travelling. This way, you don’t accidentally offend a local and cause an uprising that could’ve otherwise been prevented.

Be Prepared

It goes without saying that preparation is the key to a fun vacation. And in a multi-cultural continent like Australia, you need to know what you should have on you and what you can and can’t do in each state. Luckily, this guide is here to let you know beforehand what you should keep in mind when paying the folks down under a visit.

Learn the Local Language. Australians speak English. If you’re American or speak American English, the spellings of some words will be new to you; otherwise, you’re fine. Another thing you should know is that Australians use a lot of slang. It’s easy to get lost in what the locals are saying especially if you don’t know what words like “footy” mean. Use Google and give yourself a crash course in the local language.

Bring something for the BBQ. In a country where it almost feels like its summers last an entire year, it comes to no surprise that Australians love their Barbecues, or as they call it: ‘barbies’. If you ever get invited to a BBQs in Australia, remember to bring something to share with everyone. It could be some meat for the grill, some wine, or dessert. This shows that you are thankful for the invite and not a freeloader.

Sunblock is a MUST. We’ve mentioned how warm it is in Australia for most of the year. This is why you should never forget to wear sunscreen when you are planning for a day on the beach. Forgetting the sunblock can mean a sunburn that will last two weeks with a possibility of a blister. And believe us when we say, you do not want that. If you’re not a fan of the block, you can always wear a hat or a shirt that can cover up your skin from the harmful rays.

Everything is Expensive. Expect everything to come at a price. This is why backpackers visiting Australia often take on menial jobs in the cities they visit, as this can help out in their expenditures. An example of this is how they bill your rent. You can find a brand-new house complete with everything and see that it is only $750. Westerners will understand this and read it as a monthly payment, but in reality, it is $750 a week. If you’re planning to rent for your stay, talk to the agent and make sure that everything is spread out, so you don’t get a nasty surprise.

Drive Safe (We mean it!). Every country has their own law regarding drinking and driving. Australia takes this to the next level with laws that prohibit drivers from touching their phone while their keys are in the ignition as well as speeding cameras, police cars and random breathalyser tests everywhere. This just goes to show that the Australians value your life. So never drink (or do drugs) and drive.

Doing your homework can go a long way and save you a lot of money and trouble. And although a vacation in Australia sounds expensive (because it is), you’ll be happy to know that there are still affordable services like a car rental in Sydney Parramatta that offers their vehicles at a friendly price. Rent a car when you visit Australia on vacation avoid the sun and the crowds during your stay.