Unique Travel Experiences You Should Try At Least Once

Have you ever dreamt of going on a trip where you experienced something truly wonderful that leaves you the envy of your friends and family? Who hasn’t? There are countless experiences across the world that fall into this category, the only problem is choosing just one or two to focus on each time you go abroad. If you’re looking for a trip that combines rest, relaxation and amazing experiences, check out these awesome suggestions for travel experiences you should try at least once. 

Visiting The Vatican

The Vatican – or Vatican City – is a unique location to visit. While it’s technically part of Rome, it’s actually considered its own sovereign nation and even has its own passport stamp. Be warned though – visiting the Vatican is serious business and if you aren’t dressed to impress (so to say) then you will be expected to cover up with paper trousers and the like. The Vatican is a holy, serious place, so come prepared and dressed appropriately in longer shirts and trousers or skirts and good walking shoes. That being said though, it’s an impressive and amazing experience that shouldn’t be missed, and if you’re a fan of impressive art, you won’t want to miss some of the most famous paintings by Michelangelo in St Peter’s Basilica.

Sampling Argentinian Wines

Live the estancia high life in Argentina and sample not just those delicious and decadent Argentinian wines, but also truly unique flavours and cuisines that the ranchers eat on a daily basis. Estancia living in Argentina is big business and you can truly find unique experiences living on ranches and farms alongside locals who are happy to show you the ropes of how life happens in the rural parts of the country. What could be better than sipping local wines while trying hand raised beef that comes straight from the ranch you’re living on?

The Most Dangerous Hike

The ‘World’s Most Dangerous Hike’ is nothing to laugh about, and is actually a seriously scary endeavour. Mount Hua, in China, is a dangerous hike that many people take on every year, traversing only a few planks of wood that have been bolted into the rock of a 7000 foot high mountain, only to reach a small Buddhist shrine. While it sounds like it’s more hassle than it’s worth, the actual fact is that it provides visitors and climbers with spectacular views and impressive photos, along with a nice pot of tea at the end.


While a safari may not sound like it’s terribly unique, it can be! Safaris range in quality from basic tent safaris all the way up to full luxury, private safari where you can almost have the entirety of Africa to yourself. Depending where you decide to go to for your safari you may find that it’s a bit busier or quieter – with safari parks in and around the Serengeti being busy and quite popular. 

So if you’ve been looking for a unique travel experience, hopefully one of these great ideas will help give you some ideas as to where you can go to get the best adventure travel experience possible.