Trip to France: Essentials

When traveling to France, in order to get the most out of your trip, you need to come prepared. Making a list of destinations to visit can take a lot of time and research, so we have laid out some of the must-visit places for a true taste of the French spirit.


Not only is Marseille the second largest city in France, but it’s also one of the major seaports located on the western Mediterranean coast. Marseille is known for its beautiful climate, monuments of the Roman Empire, medieval ruins and a variety of cultural venues. One of the must-see places in Marseille is Calanques, a series of astonishing islands with immensely blue waters. Rock climbing in Calanques is a promising experience for all of you adventurers out there.


Bordeaux is not to be missed by wine lovers. Known as the French capital of wine, in Bordeaux, you can encounter a variety of bars à vin and many other national beverages. While you are here, don’t forget to visit the magnificent Garonne river where you can dip your feet and enjoy your wine in the most relaxing and dreamy atmosphere. As for the more active part of this trip, you can take a walk up to the Pey-Berland Tower that has an amazing overlook of the city houses, which are fairly interesting and picturesque due to their Lego-like structure.


It would be a waste to visit France without a cruise through the river Marne and the Canal Lateral a la Marne. Although the Champagne region is most famous for its bubbly, white wine, there is also a ton of historical reasons to visit this region. As Champagne is one of the most prominent French provinces, you can learn a lot about the history of France by booking a luxurious barge holiday in France and visiting the town of Château-Thierry or touring through the Reims and Hautvillers. Don’t forget to visit the very popular Champagne houses to find out what authentic, homemade bubbly wine tastes like.


There is no excuse to go to France and not visit the city of love. Paris is especially dreamy during warm, summer nights, when you can see it guarding its reputation of the “city of lights” in all of its shine. It’s no wonder that the French have an expression il n’y a qu’un Paris, meaning “there is only one Paris”. There is far too much to see in Paris, all the way from the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the famous Eiffel Tower, through the Latin Quarter and artistic Montmartre, down to the treasures of the Louvre museum. To make visiting all of these monuments possible, it will take you at least a couple of days, so get your comfy shoes on and prepare yourself for a true cultural expedition.

The French Riviera

The famous French Riviera is one of the most visited coastlines in France due to its stunning blue waters in Côte d’Azur. This coast is also known to be the sunniest part of France, which is why the blue skies give this area an even more beautiful appearance. Côte d’Azur begins with the luxurious Saint-Tropez, known for its glitz and glam, nightlife and beautiful beaches, and ends with Menton, close to the border of Italy. Even though this area is mostly crowded in the summer, a good idea would be to visit during the spring period because you can enjoy a more quiet and relaxing atmosphere, with the weather still mostly on the sunny side.

These five destinations are our choice of France essentials, but there are so many other places to visit in France that will surely leave you breathless, like Normandy, The Châteaux of the Loire Valley, or the Alsace region. Wherever you choose to go, one thing is certain – you are ought to come back again.