Top 5 Places in Europe to see this Fall

Fall is a magnificent season, filled with a plethora of vibrant colors that make an inspiring contrast with the clear blue sky, while the strong, clean air fills your nostrils and heart with a strong wanderlust. So where can you go to make the most out of this beautiful season? To help you decide easier, take a look at our top 5 suggestions below.

1. Perthshire, Scotland

Located in Scotland, you can certainly get a delightful experience in this legend-filled territory. Locals talk about it as the Big Trees Country, and that’s because it really has some big trees. And you can imagine how heart-throbbingly beautiful they appear in the fall, with each of their leaves having a different hue.

But the multi-colored leaves aren’t the only reason to visit Perthshire. Imagine the foggy lochs you’ll get the chance to see, listening to all the thrilling stories that surround them. However, you will need a first aid kit nearby if the weather is too foggy and you accidentally trip.

The rivers are whirling near the forests, but they’re so clear you can actually see the trees reflected in the bright waters. You can definitely take the chance and lay down on the ground to enjoy all this, or you can immortalize your trip with some nature photographs.

There are also a few hikes you can try on the hills nearby, like the Pass of Killiecrankie. Although the hills don’t have really difficult climbs, the sceneries are amazing thanks to the woodlands. You’ll also have some pretty interesting viewpoints along the way that will make you want to never leave this magical place.

2. Bavaria, Germany

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping views, then Bavaria has some heathery, Alpine vistas you will never forget. The Alpine forests have vibrant colors that will make your heart skip a beat once you see the perfect contrast these make with the snowy peaks.

The fact is that Bavaria is a pretty wide region so you’ll see different landscapes here, at various altitudes, which means there’s a difference in weather too. For instance, if you’re planning to enjoy milder temperatures and very rich colors, you should stick to the lower altitudes. That’s because Queen Winter has already taken reign up in the mountains.

The Vermont of Europe, Bavaria is a forested region filled with deciduous trees and shrubs that offer great autumn foliage views. And they frame the other sights really well, like the romantic Neuschwanstein Castle with its legendary aura. Or you can enjoy the Oktoberfest, the weather is perfect for that with little to no rains during this time of year.

3. Civita Di Bagnoregio, Italy

If you want to go down on the map to the southern regions of Europe that enjoy a more delicate, warm climate thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Italy is our country of choice. There are plenty of different views you can enjoy here, with ancient or medieval cities, relaxed beaches, and bucolic rural views.

Most of these breathtaking vistas can be seen in one place. The town of Civita Di Bagnoregio is definitely stunning, resting majestically on the top of a hilled crest positioned right above a huge canyon. The beauty of this lies in the difficulty of reaching it.

There’s only a footbridge you can use, and the way in will definitely impress you since it’s entirely made of stone. Besides, it’s a perfect combination between Antiquity and the Middle Ages seeing as it was made 500 years BC, but its decorations date back to the 1300s.

The beauty of visiting this town in the fall is literally like a trip to Medieval Italy, with quaint shops and friendly folk, along with incredible architectural gems.

4. Reynisfjara, Vik, Iceland

Back to a colder northern point, you can’t miss Iceland’s greatest views. With a decidedly colder weather that will put shivers down your spine, the Vik village has amazing sand beaches that require attentive exploration.

Covered with a black sand that’s surprisingly neat and fresh, the place offers very distinct views to your run-of-the-mill tropical islands or Mediterranean beaches. The reason is that the beaches here are formed after the eruption of a volcano. Once the boiling-hot lava ended up in the cold Atlantic waters, the combination between these two temperatures is what produces the tiny specks of black dust.

But that’s not all there is to it. The landforms created by the volcanic activity in the area are impressive as well. Just think of the Trolls of the Vik, pillars that are said to be formed by trolls dragging their ships. The whole area is simply fascinating in the fall, with a stark contrast to the warm colors of the leaves in more temperate climates.

5. Meteora, Greece

Speaking of the autumn foliage in warmer weather, there are few places on this Earth that can offer views as impressive as those you see in Meteora. The Eastern Orthodox monasteries located on the pinnacle of these abrupts cliffs are really an inspiration to everyone, repleting with deep spirituality.

And this sense of magic and wonder accentuates the beauty of the diverse colors, allowing you to think of higher powers at work in this world. But their history is equally inspiring, seeing as the medieval monks who found shelter here were actually running away from religious persecution.

The giant rocks of Meteora look incredibly serene pasted on the clear blue skies, with their feet covered in deciduous trees and shrubs that are now vibrantly colored. These rock columns appear as huge pillars made from sandstone, and their orange hue is what creates this perfect contrast with the blue sky.

Where will you go?

With such magnificent options at your fingertips, we’re curious where you’ll book a flight to. Would you rather enjoy bucolic villages and milder weather, or would you prefer a sharper, crisper autumn air with gothic sceneries? And once you come back from your trip, tell us all about the wonderful views that inspired you there.

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