Europe’s Coffee Culture And Where To Find It


Travellers love Europe – its back streets lined with quirky and unusual shops and cafes, cobblestones, and real unadulterated culture. Every city in Europe has them and every city also has its own take on the drink that many people consider to be lifeblood – coffee. From Parisian to Turkish to Greek and everything in between, coffee has been reinvented across the continent and continues to be one of the most sought after drinks throughout the region. With so many types and styles it’s easy to see why. So what are the top places in Europe for coffee lovers? Read ahead to find out more!

Paris, France

Many people don’t realise that Parisian coffee is some of the best in the world, and for good reason. It’s not the typical Bolivian, Colombian or Ethiopian coffees, although those are surely and easily found throughout the city. But as France had formerly colonised regions of South East Asia such as Laos and Vietnam, two coffee producing areas of the world that people can sometimes seem to forget about. Vietnam not so much, but Laos is one that many people don’t realise grows coffee to begin with. If you find yourself in the Parisian back street cafes, be sure to seek it out, as the cooler growing regions of Laos’ Bolaven Plateau make this a full, rich coffee that can only be found in Paris and Laos and is therefore a real treat to the senses.

Rome, Italy

Italians are known for their love of food, wine and coffee and what better way to sample all three than a trip to Rome? With named such as Espresso and Cappucino originating from Italy, it’s easy to see how the Italians have influenced coffee styles not just in Italy but around the world. For an added luscious and delicious experience, try an Affogato – a shot of Espresso which is poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream – an absolutely mouthwatering treat after dinner as an alternative to a heavier dessert.

Vienna, Austria

If you’re looking for the ultimate in coffee experience, look no further than Vienna. Viennese coffee house culture is alive and well and is actually listed as an item in an inventory of Viennese culture which is held by UNESCO. The coffee house culture of Vienna is similar to that in other parts of the world but here is taken extremely seriously. Many coffee houses can be quiet places of retreat where many come to go about their daily reading, writing and the like. Gardens are available in warmer months and many of these cafes can hold various artistic performances such as live poetry readings or lively discussions on many topics. If you’re looking for a place to experience true Viennese culture, this is the place.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague makes this list due to the fact that it’s well placed within Europe to have access to extremely delicious coffee of all kinds. Italian, Viennese, and even Turkish coffees are found on menus throughout Prague, and so if you’re in the area, you must stop into a restaurant or cafe to try a few different forms of European coffees.

So there you have a couple of places that you should check out if you’re a lover of all things coffee and you’re in Europe. It’s a fantastic place for coffee lovers and you will be hard pressed to find a coffee you don’t like in the back street cafes of European towns and cities.