Cities you probably haven’t heard of but should travel to right now

Tired of all the same “top travel destinations” you see online? Perhaps you’ve visited all the conventional ones or would like to go somewhere few people have been. Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go outside the box for vacation destinations.

Here are some lesser-known cities that some people are yet to discover. Check them out and see why you should visit them real soon.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Fancy Game of Thrones? This Croatian city portrays King’s Landing, so brace yourself for a trip to the very land where one of the best television shows are shot. Known to travellers as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”, this city is filled with stunning Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque churches, palaces, monasteries, and fountains.

Visit Mount Srđ for a nice hike that offers a marvellous view of the town, upon of which sits a stronghold containing a small yet enthralling history museum. And don’t forget to try some Pag Cheese!

Cancun, Caribbean. This relatively unknown city lies on the shore of the Caribbean, with pristine beaches and lapping waves. It is however well-known to North Americans for its exciting nightlife and splendid resorts. Here you’ll find traditional and quaint downtowns that offer a good contrast to the all-inclusive nightclub districts and high-rise hotels, so you can always find and afford what you like.

Its superb beaches and flawless climate offer spots for families seeking some solitude, plus it’s a gateway to the ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza. Visit the MUSA (Museo Subacuatico de Arte), an underwater museum of art. And don’t forget to sip Margaritas while in Cancun!

Almaty, Kazakhstan. Boasts as the cultural and commercial centre of central Asia, Almaty is also the former capital of and largest city in Kazakhstan. It is framed by majestic snow-capped mountains and gridded with easily navigable streets. Awesome for winter vacations, and also serves as a great jump-off point for eco-adventures in the steppes. If you prefer a city life, Almaty offers nightlife, good food, and a metro system that makes navigating the city easy and fun.

Here you’ll find cafes, a small zoo, an amusement park, souvenir shops as well as beaches to enjoy panoramic views. Medeu, which is the highest Olympic-sized ice stadium is also found here.

Basel, Switzerland. Known as one of Europe’s most unrecognized tourist destinations. Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city and sits on the Swiss border where it meets both France and Germany. It is beside the stunning Rhine river and also known for its amazing winter carnivals and the yearly Art Basel festival, which is a celebration of some of the best international modern arts. Walk up cobbled streets, check out Marketplatz for produce, try the street food, and bask in the sun on the banks of Rhine!

Havana, Cuba. Cuba’s biggest city is still littered with Spanish colonial architecture of the 16th century. It’s colourful alleys and narrow streets still retain a strong sense of history and the local culture. You can still see ancient American cars, music and laughter emanating from every blog. Indeed, it’s a town of life and vigour.

Bask in the beauty of the UNESCO Heritage Site La Habana Vieja, which boasts gorgeously restored building humming with life as the citizens of Havana strolls around. Don’t forget to learn some Spanish before you go and try the street side churros too!

End Note

There you have it! Some of the world’s most gorgeous cities that are yet to be filled with hordes of tourists. As most of these locations will be relatively new to you experience wise, don’t forget to secure an overseas travel insurance to ensure that any travel issues you may experience pre-flight and during your stay is covered so you can focus on the fun and not on worrying.

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and/or family and plan ahead.