Best of The Balkans (5 Must See Places)

The Balkans offer many hidden gems and undiscovered towns still unknown by mass tourism, so if you’re looking for more places to discover, the Balkans are a great place.

Locals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and most recently Montenegro are so welcoming and accommodating that you won’t want to leave.

Kotor, Montenegro

In recent years, Kotor, a small town located in the southern part of Montenegro, has emerged as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations as cruise ships begin mooring in Boka Bay. 

UNESCO declaring Kotor a World Heritage Site makes new construction extremely difficult, which helps keep its charm. 


In Zadar’s peninsular Old Town are Roman and Venetian remains dating from the Roman era with a number of Venetian gates found within the city walls. 

St. Mary’s Convent, built in the 11th century and decorated with ancient religious artwork, surrounds the Roman Forum. As well as the cathedral of St. Anastasia, a grand, 12th-century building, there is St. Donatus, a round 9th-century church.

After a day exploring Zadar’s historical landmarks, you’ll want to unwind with a drink at your beautiful Zadar accommodation on the Riva waterfront. It’s said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunsets and sitting by the ocean organ you’d be hard pressed to disagree. 

Korčula, Croatia

Known as a mini Dubrovnik, this picturesque island filled with lush green forestry, can be the perfect destination to take a break away from the more busy and more popular destinations of Dubrovnik and Hvar.

While being lesser known, yachting in Korcula will show you just how special this island is, with the parts of the coastline filled with typical terracotta roofed housing of the region and medievil architecture.

Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia’s Lake Bled is hands down one of Europe’s most romantic destinations and one of the most beautiful and iconic lakes in Europe.

Besides sunbathing and swimming in the lake there is plenty to see in Bled, and even more in the surrounding mountain areas. 

The food and wine scene in Bled is grossly underrated. You should do yourself a favor and book about 3 nights in Bled. 

Meteora, Greece

Famous for the 6 Monasteries that have been built into the rock formation, Meteora has been picking up in popularity for some time. 

There are so many Eastern Orthodox monasteries in the Meteora complex that it is only second in importance to Mount Athos to Eastern Orthodox monasteries.

Mostar Old Town, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, the Mostar Old Bridge is one of Europe’s oldest. 

The tradition of jumping off the bridge in Mostar began in 1664. An 18-year-old boy is supposed to jump from the bridge to seal his initiation into manhood, according to local tradition. These days, adrenaline junkies are often seen jumping off and freefalling 20m into the Neretva River

Besides its main attraction, Mostar is a place of oriental and western heritage that includes an Old Town filled with beautiful street bazaars and mosques.