A Guide to Visiting Spain this Winter

Spain is often seen as one of the best destinations for holiday-makers to rest their heads. With an extensive coastline and a history that has roots deep in the past, there is no wonder people turn to Spain when they are looking for their dose of sun and culture. Arguably the most loved part of Spain is its ability to attract year-round great weather. This means that dreams of beach holidays or sipping on sangria in the sunset can be achieved during the winter months. This makes for the perfect break from bleak British weather, but you should always make sure to follow some foolproof tips when it comes to planning your trip.

Make the most of the beaches

Visiting Spain without indulging in one of its many beaches is a mistake that should be avoided. With stretches of golden sand and the chance to enjoy fresh seafood, there is no wonder that Spain is known as a hub for beach holidays across the world. Though there are many beaches on the mainland, some of the best for winter getaways can be found on island archipelagos like the Canary Islands. To ensure you escape the crowds of winter sun-chasers, a trip to the smaller island of Fuerteventura is recommended. You can put the jewel in the crown of your trip by browsing villas in Fuerteventura, which can add luxury and a sense of privacy to your trip. Unwind in a villa, rather than an impersonal hotel room.

Visit iconic cities

Although beach retreats are an unmissable part of Spain, you should still take the time to explore some of its most famous cities. From the sightseeing capital of Madrid to the architectural haven of Barcelona, there is something here that everyone can enjoy. If you are hoping to see the true Spain, you should take a trip down to the south to Seville. Here, you can see ancient buildings and cobbled streets, where the weather is notably sunny for most months of the year.

Indulge in Spanish cuisine

In terms of culinary delights, Spain has an array of options for you to try on every day of your holiday. For example, if you order a drink in a traditional Spanish bar, you are likely to have a plate of tapas brought out for you to snack on. If you are hoping to fill your stomach at lunchtime, you should try the Valencian marvel of paella, which often includes tender chicken thighs and fresh seafood. At any time of the day, a glass of cool sangria is perfect when you are hoping to cool down, but there are also many vineyards dotted around the country that offer you the chance to try local wine.

Take a dip in nature

There are some people who hope to escape to Spain during winter to experience the landscape without the blazing summer heat. With unique spectacles like the pink lake at Torrevieja, to the towering volcano at Teide National Park, there is something here for every nature lover to enjoy. Ideally, you should still aim to bring sunscreen with you on your trip, as spending so much time outdoors means you may be at risk of sunburn, even in winter.