10 Prime Places to Visit in London

Your planned visit to London is a noble idea. You can easily get there by choosing a reliable airline like Cathay Pacific. There are numerous interesting spots to visit during your free time. It can get confusing if you are unsure of where to start from. This outline will help you identify what appeals to you best.

1. London Eye

This is a mesmerizing and scary observation wheel. It is a famous landmark also known as the Coca Cola London Eye. It is located over the southern bank of the Thames River. The London Eye was constructed in the year 2000 as part of the millennial celebrations.

It has glass capsules that allow you to watch the city views as it rotates. At the height of 443 feet, you get to see these views clearly. Each orbit takes 30 minutes which is a shorter time compared to the queuing time you have to undergo before accessing the Ferris wheel.

2. Tower Bridge

Your visit to London will be incomplete if you do not visit this enthralling bridge that is between two towers. It is suspended over the Thames River and has a glass floor for you to clearly see the vessels moving below. What’s interesting is the lifting up of this bridge to make way for tall ships to pass through. Note that the Tower Bridge is different from the London Bridge.

3. Tower of London

The Tower of London is another marvel to be visited. It is actually a massive castle with a White Tower beside it. Its name comes from this White Tower. It is a royal fortress that has been used for different things at different points in its 900 years of existence. It was once a palace, a castle, an execution site, a storehouse, and a prison.

The revered action in this castle is a traditional routine where people gather to watch it daily. It is known as the Ceremony of the Keys and is performed every night. It is the securing of the tower each night. You need to book in advance to be able to participate in this ceremony because of the many people wanting to watch.

4. Big Ben

Big Ben is a world renowned landmark. Its original name is the Great Bell of Westminster. It weighs 13 tons and has a four-faced clock. It has stood the test of time and its clocks have never stopped. Big Ben is housed in a 96 feet tower that is known as Queen Elizabeth II Tower.

5. Parliament

The Houses of Parliament are located next to Big Ben where political debates are carried out. The tower and the Parliament face the Thames River. The Parliament is formally called the Palace of Westminster. It has attractive architecture and is open for all to watch the debates. It seats on expansive land and if you require a guided tour, you can get it on Saturdays or when Parliament is out of session.

6. St Paul’s Cathedral

Make an effort to visit the second largest church in London. It is a common landmark with its two towers and unique dome. The fabled dome stands at 365 feet and its interior can be closely viewed as you walk up the stairs. The Whispering Gallery within this magnificent structure is a sight to behold that you must tour once you are inside the premises.

The gallery gets its name from the fact that any sound, however low, that is made near its walls is magnified and transported across the hall. This Anglican Church has a rich history as it was constructed on top of a former Roman temple. The temple was destroyed in 1666. Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt the church with unique architecture in 1710.

There is a sepulcher that is open to the public to catch a glimpse of the tombs and graves of eminent personalities. Prayers are held hourly every day. The cathedral is open to the public daily from Monday to Saturday and can only be accessed at a fee.

7. Chelsea Physic Garden

For nature lovers, this garden is breathtaking. It occupies four acres of land along the Thames River. It has a large variety of plants, some of which are medicinal. Every plant is labeled and you can also get flower seeds. There is an entrance fee that is charged. The visiting period is in the months of April to October.

8. Stonehenge

This is a manmade prehistoric monument that took a lot of man hours to complete. It is shrouded in mystery as no one really knows its true purpose. Some people think it has healing powers while others think it is a burial ground. The best time to see it is in the early morning when the sun is rising or in the evening when the sun is setting. There is an entrance fee charged for both adults and children.

9. Thames River

The Thames River is a charming and clean river in London that is 326 km long. It is a popular site for hanging out as it forms the background for watching other attractions in the city. It has a wide choice of sporting and leisure activities.

You can go on a cruise in the river to get engrossed in the many alluring sights along its path. It spans across 7 countries and 80 islands and has 200 bridges. A Thames cruise will expose you to a lot of exceptional sights as you meet and connect with new people.

10. The Shard

The Shard is so-named because of its shape that resembles a piece of broken glass. This is the tallest building in London standing at 1016 feet. It comprises 95 stories with the three topmost floors used as viewing platforms that are both indoor and outdoor. You get to clearly view the entire city on a radius of 40 miles. All those attractions across the city can be spotted plainly from the Shard.

With such a robust life and plenty of attractions, London promises to offer you an experience of a lifetime. The solid memories of this city will linger long enough to be shared for years to come. These prime places will forever hold a special place in your heart after you savor them.