Top 9 Things You Must Eat in India

India is a food lover’s paradise and if you are planning on going for online passport renewal to take a trip to India, then you can prepare your taste buds for some of the experiences of a lifetime. The food culture in India is great, with a plethora of varieties for you to sample from. Whether you want the authentic Indian delicacies or you need a blend from what the region has to offer, you will be literally spoilt for choice on what to eat and what to leave. If possible, you should just take time off to come to India specifically for a food tour, and we can guarantee that you will love and enjoy every bit of it. Here is a look at some of the top dishes worth trying when in India-:

Rogan Josh

In the beautiful and serene valleys of Kashmir, you will encounter one of the most famous dishes in India. Rogan Josh is a lamb cuisine believed to have originated from Persia but has now grown in popularity to become of the iconic dishes of the Indians. The name comes from a Persian word, rogan, which means oil and Josh which means a lot of heat. Therefore, the dish primarily features intensely cooked lamb. The spices and the garnishment are the real game changers in this meal and they include cloves, bay leaves, Hing, cumin, fennel and cardamom which all adds incredible flavor to the lamb. If you want to get the most of it, then be sure to have it with a bowl or rice.


One characteristic feature you will find with most of the servings of Indian dishes is that they not usually served singly. In other words, they will come as a combination of several dishes all on one platter and thali is one such combination you should never miss when you are in India. This sweet dish normally features two or more curries and lentils as well as steamed chapatti, rice or pickles, one raita, buttermilk, and one or more chutneys. You can always tell how you want your plate to look like, and irrespective of what you choose, you will not just have a lot of it, but it will be delicious to the very last bite.

Dam Aloo


Dam aloo is not necessarily the main meal, but one of the side dishes you will be happy to grace your dining table in India. It is a side dish prepared using baby also which are then simmered in a gravy made from a variety of spices, tomatoes, and onions. It is a side dish you will comfortably enjoy with nun bread or even rice and chapatti. If you want a quick but sweet solution to hunger while strolling the streets of India, then you can always order dam aloo from the many restaurants within the Indian cities.

Tunday Kebab

Kebabs are very popular all over the world and when you go for passport renewal to come to India, it is important to have a taste of how the Indian kebabs taste, and you will not find a better option than the Tunday kebabs. It is a sweet and a popular mutton dish that will always bring great delight to your mouth. The kebabs are prepared in such a manner that they are extremely soft and will literally dissolve in your upon with the first bite. You will be surprised to know that the kebab features over 150 spices, with the major ones being garlic, ginger, mint, and sandalwood. It is a delicious delicacy you must never fail to try in India.

Butter Chicken


Chicken dishes are everywhere, but the ones you find in India will literally leave your mouth watering. A good recommendation you must try is the famous butter chicken. It a proud cuisine from the Punjabi. The meal is mostly tomato based, and it features a chicken marinated in lots of butter and yogurt and then the curry is cooked slowly until the chicken is tender soft. It may not be very spicy, but it is rich in flavors and greatly satisfying.


If you think you have had aromatic dishes in your life, then wait till you feel the smell of biryani being prepared. It is not just the aroma that makes this dish be recommended, but it is a signature Indian dish with lots of varieties and tastes. Almost every region of the country have a way of preparing their biryani and with this, you have assured of sampling different kinds of biryani in every region you travel to. The dish mainly features marinated chicken, beef, mutton and rice cooked in one pot. It is a colorful dish that will make you taste buds tingle on the first sight.



Chaat features a variety of mount watering meals and it is mainly local to Mumbai, but you can be lucky to find it in other cities. It is a wonderful street snack you can always use as you wait for your main dish to get prepared.

Chole Batura

Chole batura is a versatile meal you can conveniently take for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. It is a very heavy meal with lots of varieties, and with its great taste, it can be taken at just any time of the day or night. It features a deep friend round bread made from white flour and it is mostly taken with chick peas.

Hilsa Fish Curry

Sampling Indian delicacies will never be complete without trying out some of the fish dishes, and Hilsa fish curry is one such you should never miss. It is one of the finest prime curries common in the Bengal region, and it is a dish mostly prepared natively for special occasions such as festivals and feasts. The meal feature salted hilsa fish that is then sliced and fried in soybean oil before it is slowly cooked in ginger paste, garlic slices, and onions. Chili powder and turmeric may also be added for extra flavor.