The Business Traveler: A Business Travel Guide to Singapore

Singapore boasts of topping the list of some of the best places to start a business in the world. The reasons for this include the existence of a stable government, favourable tax regime, progressive laws and policies aimed at bolstering business, and a big highly educated, sophisticated and well-off population. You would not go wrong if you are travelling to Singapore for business if you work with a reliable agent to have your Singapore business visa which would spare you lots of headaches.

Below are some crucial things worth knowing while you are travelling to Singapore for business

How to stay connected

The fact that Singapore is at the centre of global business travel, staying connected while there is not a big issue. A good number of international mobile telephone companies have made agreements with Singaporean authorities hence have roaming facilities in place. For short visits the roaming plans are tenable but for long business visits, buying a local SIM card which only requires you to present your passport would be a better option. Accessing the internet should not be a problem as most cafes and accommodation places allow good access to the internet. Also, the island state has a free city-wide Wi-Fi service that is known as Wireless@SG whose requirement to access is to register by telephone or online.  In case you may need to make emergency calls, there are plenty of public booths that only need telephone cards or credit cards, in some instances. You can make both local and international calls from the booths.


Once you arrive in Singapore, most likely through Changi International Airport, one of the best airports in the world, the most convenient means of getting from the town to the city and the downtown is by using a taxi which may take you about 20 minutes. You may also opt to use the bus and train to get from the airport to the city. Within the city, train ranks as the topmost mode of transport for business travellers due to its affordability, reliability and convenience in that you will get to your destination, say for a business meeting in good time. Taxis may be difficult to get and more expensive during peak hours due to traffic snarl-ups where the fare is increased by a surcharge that is added to the metered fare.


Business executives on a trip to Singapore mostly get accommodation facilities in the Marina Bay Area or downtown core. Majority of corporate offices and many hotel chains are located in the Marina Bay areas or the downtown.  The areas also allow you to get the best views of Singapore’s skyline not forgetting the fantastic dining options available there.

Cultural issues

Singapore’s culture has influence from India, Malaysia, China and Britain. The culture is a blend of the four but each group has its distinct culture which you must be mindful of especially when organizing business meetings or dinners. You need to be aware of any dietary restrictions that apply to particular religions or race.

Keeping smart

Due to Singapore’s location close to the equator, you will be experiencing the tropical climate. The weather is mostly hot and humid so doing ten minutes’ walk or more will ruin your sharp look that is a necessity for business interactions. An umbrella is also a necessary item to have due to frequent showers, so ensure you take one with you. Due to the high temperatures you should always stay hydrated to remain upbeat.