4 Awesome Things to Do in Matheran

India is filled with breathtaking landscapes, incredible architecture, and a unique clash of cultures. Traveling within it is a fantastic experience for both local and foreign tourists. Matheran, a hill station in the Raigad District of the state of Maharashtra, captures the whole essence of India in one city. It is a perfect place to visit because of its scenic beauty, rich history, and fresh air and its vibrant people. Here are four awesome things to do on your next visit to Matheran.

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1. Participate in the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Ganesh is known as the patron of science and the arts, the deva of wisdom and intellect, and the remover of challenges. People all over India honor him by celebrating his festival with great pomp and color every year.

These celebrations, which mostly fall in August or September, last for nine to ten days. During this time, the people of Matheran proudly install idols of Ganesh around town. The celebrations end with the immersion of Ganesh idols in the sea. But make sure to book Matheran hotels early if you’re thinking of going during the high season, prices tend to be much higher during the festival.

2. Take a Photo at Alexander Point

Alexander Point is a wonderful lookout area that you can access by following the Madhavji Road. You’ll have the chance to see breathtaking panoramic views of the beautiful hills and valleys that surround it.

High points include Palasdari Lake, Chowk Point, and Garbut Point. You can also view Rambaug Point and Borgaon Village from this area. However, you’ll have to use binoculars if you want to see the Bhivpuri Power House Towers from this point.

3. Bird Watching at Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake is of great significance to the people of Matheran. More specifically, it is the chief source of their drinking water. It also serves nearby regions as well.

You’ll be amazed by its tranquility and the lush greenery that surrounds it. A perfect time to visit Charlotte Lake is during the monsoon season, which is from July to September. At this time, the waters are full, and the surrounding area is teeming with lush green vegetation. People love bird watching around Charlotte Lake since it attracts many species of birds due to its calm and uncharted environment.

4. Visit the Ambarnath Temple

The Ambarnath Temple lies close to the Vadavan River. More specifically, it lies at the Pune-Mumbai Railway Line at Akoli. The temple is said to have been built during the 11th century by King Mahamandaleshwar, who dedicated it to Lord Shiva.

The Ambarnath Temple is a classic example of the genius of Vesara architecture that was popular in India during the 11th century. In fact, it bares a striking resemblance to the Dilwara Temples on Mount Abu. This temple is a prominent attraction in Matheran because of its design and beautiful imagery. No visit to Matheran is truly complete before you see the Ambarnath Temple, so make sure you mark it down on your list.

As you can see, Matheran is a fantastic destination for everyone. Book Matheran hotels today so that you can experience this incredible destination. Bring your family members, friends, or colleagues with you so that they can enjoy the marvels of Matheran as well.