What You Need to Know About Breckenridge


Fans of winter sports flock to Breckenridge, Colorado, for a few days of fun on the slopes. Everyone from solo travellers to those with their family are welcome at this alpine resort in the Rocky Mountains. There are lots of incredible and cosy Breckenridge cabin rentals to set the mood for a perfect winter (or summer) getaway. And you don’t have to spend all your time hitting the slopes in this famous North American ski resort. A range of other activities will keep every visitor entertained for the duration of their trip.


Let’s start off by saying that Breckenridge has a total of five peaks (called Peak 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10). Most tourists will stay at Breckenridge Town, a small winter wonderland with postcard views. You can also find accommodation on some of the peaks for easy access to the trails of your choice. Other lodgings are a little further afield and have some of the best views of the mountains.

It’s easy to find the perfect place to stay with the variety of options available. This isn’t a budget destination, and you can expect to be spending quite a lot on lodgings. But, when you consider the luxury and facilities at your resort or vacation rental, it’s worth the costs.

Free shuttle buses ferry tourists from the village to the ski lifts, and you can rely on this to get around. The accommodation on some of the peaks is also accessible on the shuttles. However, if you want to enjoy the nightlife and entertainment, it’s advisable to stay in the town centre as shuttle services stop in the evening.

Getting In and Getting Out:

Denver is about a two-hour drive from Breckenridge. Tourists arriving at Denver International Airport have the option of either renting a car and self-driving to the resort or relying on the airport bus. The first has many advantages and gives you the flexibility to move around, but drivers also need to be confident on icy roads. The bus service is comfortable and a much better option for those without driving experience in wintery conditions. But, the service is expensive and runs on a limited schedule. Other options include hiring a private transfer or getting a taxi.

If you’re visiting during the summer when snow and ice aren’t an issue, it’s highly recommended to get your own transport. Breckenridge isn’t just a ski resort and has a lot of hiking trails, waterfalls and natural beauty within a short distance of the town. Combine this with the abundance of scenic drives makes getting your own wheels a top priority.

The Must-Do Things in Breckenridge:

Regardless of what time of the year you visit, one thing every tourist should do is get a taste of this former gold mining town’s past. The Main Street has buildings that date back more than 100 years, and you can take part in gold mining tours and actually pan for gold. The history of Breckenridge adds to its charm. Old buildings covered in a carpet of white snow juxtapose against the steep mountains in the background. A photographer’s paradise.

Skiers and snowboarders have the choice between almost 200 trails to get their adrenaline pumping. The novice can learn at ski school while the experts test their skills on the double black routes at Peak 8. Come back in the summer, and you can hike to the peak of Breckenridge or explore the natural beauty.

Families also love this mountain retreat. You can find a variety of child-friendly activities all year round. What child wouldn’t want to play in the snow or ride the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster? Most of the restaurants are also child-friendly with some even offering entertainment for the little ones. The best time of the year to bring the kids is during Christmas. Snow is a guarantee, and they’re sure to have a fantastic experience in December. However, you’re not alone in choosing this time of the year and if you do want to plan a getaway, expect higher prices and large crowds.

Eating and Drinking:

For a small town in the mountains, Breckenridge has a very active bar and café culture. Everything from award-winning restaurants to sushi and burgers are available giving visitors the choice of almost everything they could possibly imagine. Cafes serve hot drinks next to the warm fire where you can sit and watch the snow flutter down to the ground, which makes a perfect way to spend a few hours. And the bars fill up later in the day with those wanting to unwind after an active day on the slopes.

A top tip if you’re skiing and want to make the most efficient use of your time is to plan your meal times. During peak season, around Christmas and New Year, masses of visitors tend to eat at the same time. The limited number of restaurants will fill up quickly, especially around lunch and dinner time. If you’re flexible, get your lunch before 11.30am or after 2.00pm, and you’ll avoid the crowds. This means your food will arrive faster and you get back to the slopes quicker.

Everyone Loves Breckenridge:

A trip to Breckenridge makes a perfect winter getaway or relaxing break when the weather starts to pick up. Various types of accommodation, cafes and are along Main Street in the centre of the town. There’s something for everyone at this mountain retreat and families are welcome too. So, why not start planning your perfect holiday to Breckenridge regardless of the time of year now?