Spring Break 2018 for Mom and Dad – Why You Should Visit the Caribbean

It is becoming increasingly common for college kids to stay at home with mom and dad simply because of the skyrocketing cost of going to university. In fact, without scholarships or other types of financial aid, some students take their first two years at a community college which is always the cheapest option. But when it comes to spring break, that’s an expense which kids don’t mind working for! This year, when they go to South Beach or Fort Lauderdale, why don’t mom and dad take that Caribbean vacation they’ve been dreaming of for years? Who says mom and dad can’t go on spring break as well!

Family Flight Arrangements Could Save Money

Sometimes you can find travel packages that save you money if more than one person goes in a group. Since the kids will be flying to Miami-Dade International Airport or into Fort Lauderdale, why not see if you can get in on a group package deal? Getting together with a group of your kids’ friends could offer just enough savings to have a little left over for that fun in the sun you’ve been dreaming of all winter long. Fly into Miami, take a cruise over to the islands, and then mom and dad, your time is your own (maybe for the first time ever)!

Where to Stay in the Caribbean

When it comes to looking for someplace to stay where you won’t be surrounded with partying college students, you might want to browse through Caribbean travel websites. After all, you are going for a respite from boisterous young people and want some quality alone time with your spouse of many years. How long has it been, anyway, since you’ve had a vacation alone together?

Some of the beaches don’t cater to the younger set, and that’s exactly what you are looking for. You want sunny beaches, ice cold tropical drinks, perhaps a bit of moonlight music on the boardwalks, but you definitely don’t want to be surrounded with throngs of college students. Call ahead to ensure you are booking the right hotel with all the amenities you are looking for and none of the noise.

Why Travel at This Time?

You may be wondering why you just don’t stay at home to enjoy the peace and quiet while the kids are away. You can always travel at some other time, right? Wrong! That would mean you would be leaving the kids at home while you’re away and that is not a good idea at all! Yes, they are old enough to take care of themselves, but can you really trust them not to bring in kegs and have a wild time while you are on vacation? Remember the old adage, “While the cat’s away the mice will play.” And, there’s nothing like being home alone to bring the mice out of the woodwork, is there?

So then, this year, why can’t mom and dad go on spring break as well? Book a travel flight package deal, part ways in Miami, meet up again for the flight home, and everyone’s happy. You deserve a break too, so enjoy while you can. Spring break only lasts so long and it’s back at it again for another fun few months until semester finals. At least you have this week together, so enjoy while you can.