Luxury Travel Mexico: Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rentals with Chef Service!

Without a doubt, in the past few years, Puerto Vallarta has developed into a popular travel destination for foodies, with a growing number of gourmet restaurants. At the same time, a lot of resorts now offer their guests “all-inclusive” packages to satisfy their thirst and appetite 24/7.

Sounds delicious? Then how about an even more luxurious option, a truly “all-EXCLUSIVE” vacation rental, with your own private chef cooking for you and your group right at your villa?

Private Puerto Vallarta villas with chef service have become the ultimate in luxury travel.

Many of our villa’s chefs were trained at gourmet restaurants and world famous luxury hotels prior to working as personal chefs, so a lot of them already have their signature dishes and well-established seasonal menus.

But that does not mean that these suggestions are set in stone. Prior to your arrival, our staff will work with you on a personal preference sheet including every single guest’s favorite dishes and drinks, dietary needs and special requests. Based on that preference sheets, the existing menus will be constantly updated during your stay to reflect every guest’s preferences.

So no matter if you prefer traditional Mexican fare or international haute cuisine, a seafood feast or a healthy salad, a light snack or a five-course dinner with a theme, the chefs and their team are there to satisfy your cravings.

Another huge advantage of a private chef is the ability to cater to various dietary restrictions, food allergies or religious restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, low-sodium, Kosher, Hindi, etc.

The actual chef service is usually included in the price of the rental; the guests only have to pay for groceries and for drinks. The good news is that groceries and even alcoholic drinks are fairly cheap in Mexico, while at the same time local produce and seafood are extremely fresh and delicious. The average daily cost is only $25-$40 per guest for two or three meals including drinks.

Most of the high-end luxury villa rentals come with private chef service, however here is a handpicked selection of some of our most luxurious properties known for outstanding personal chef service:

Villa Mandarinas

A stunning 10-bedroom, 20,000 square foot villa which is big enough for up to 22 guests and features ample indoor and outdoor dining space, an open state of the art kitchen and outdoor BBQ areas.

Chef Eusebio Cuevas, a former executive chef at Four Seasons and his assistant will prepare up to three meals per day for the guests. A team of bartenders and waiters will make sure that the guests’ glasses are never empty.

Villa Balboa

This oceanfront villa offers 12,000 square feet of living space stretching over five floors and sleeps up to 16 guests in eight bedrooms. The expansive formal dining room or the ocean-view patio are the perfect backgrounds for memorable culinary experiences.

Executive chef Jose Luis and his team are there for the guests from Monday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch and the villa’s own concierge is more than happy to make dinner reservations at one of Puerto Vallarta’s fabulous restaurants.

Villa Bahia

With five bedrooms and over 10,000 square feet, this luxury oceanfront property is big enough for groups of up to ten guests. It features a gourmet kitchen with a bar opening to the expansive patio as well as a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and dining area overlooking the ocean.

Chef Cesar is known for his creative dishes. He went to culinary school in Guadalajara and has worked for numerous prestigious hotels and restaurants as an executive chef before joining Villa Bahia’s staff. Meal service twice a day, drinks and snacks are included in the rental, an third meal can be added at an additional service charge.