Las Vegas Weekend Getaway – What You Need To Know


So a big event is coming up – maybe a hen or stag do or a big birthday and you’re wanting to do something truly off the wall, spectacular and exciting. But what? With so many things to choose, it can be difficult to pick just one thing to do, so why not pick the craziest option on your list – a long weekend with your crew to Las Vegas. It’s on everybody’s wish list, and you often get people talking about wandering the Strip, checking out casinos, going to some of the insane shows available and getting a bit rowdy, so what are you waiting for? Check out this mini guide to planning the perfect Vegas long weekend, for any occasion!


With so many hotels available throughout Vegas it can be easy to get distracted over choice. Depending on your budget and the budget of your crew it can be either something you splurge or something you skimp on and there are honestly hotels throughout the city to suit most budgets. The only downside is that if you scrimp on a hotel, you might actually end up with something pretty heinously bad, so be sure you’re prepared to literally get what you pay for in terms of quality. There are budget hotels that are known for being a bit better in terms of quality such as Days Inn or Travelodge. If you’re looking to splurge, consider booking yourself the ultimate in luxury at the likes of the Luxor Vegas or MGM Grand – both home to some seriously luxe pampering options as well as shows and in house casinos.

Getting In, Around and Out

Las Vegas is one of the most well serviced airports in the United States, welcoming millions of passengers each year who come to check out the city, year round. With a number of international flights daily, it’s important to remind prospective travellers of the need of a tourist visa to the United States for some nationalities. You can check the duration of a valid EVUS visa as well as apply for one online with ease. Getting around Las Vegas is simple and their public transport system is well maintained and serviced, with many routes lasting well into the night if not 24 hours to allow visitors to come and go as they please. Leaving the city, particularly to check out the nearby Hoover Dam can be arranged through most travel agencies or through the front desk at your hotel, including getting transfers to cities further afield such as Los Angeles, a 4 hour drive or only an hour flight.

Play It Cool

Remember that gambling can run away with you really quickly, especially if you’re convinced your luck is about to change so be sure to play it cool. Allocate yourself only a specific amount for gambling and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Keep yourself safe and be sure to enjoy your time in the city without going too wild. After all, it’s way more fun to play for fun and enjoy yourself than to let it get away from you!


So there you have a quick mini guide on Las Vegas and what to check out in terms of accommodation and transport, as well as some useful tips. Enjoy your time in the city, and have fun!