Benefits of Taking a DNP Degree for Nurses


The good thing about the nursing profession is that there are so many different academic paths within your career. A DNP online degree is certainly an interesting option for nurses that already have a master’s in nursing and wish to advance to greater levels of academic achievement.

Here are a few of the benefits of taking a DNP degree.

Better Career Opportunities

The number of roles that you can try once you’re qualified with a DNP degree is considerable. Once you have completed the Duquesne University Online course, you could apply to work as a healthcare administrator, a clinical leader, or an educator yourself within the healthcare field, should you feel a calling for that. For nurses who feel adept at influencing or setting the healthcare policies within a healthcare organization, a public health policymaker role is ideal.

Studying online at Duquesne University certainly makes it easier to get through the coursework quicker. Being able to maintain your existing healthcare career ensures you can pay your bills while focusing on developing academically. Not having to attend campus for classes multiple days per week makes studying a doctorate accessible for nurses who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

Superior Earning Potential

While working as RN or a nurse with a master’s degree or a family nurse practitioner pays quite well, holding a DNP degree offers higher earning potential. The average remuneration of over $113,000 compares favorably with nurses working as a family nurse practitioner that barely break the six-figure salary level, nurses with a master’s degree, and registered nurses still at the entry-level.

When keen to push your salary up to the highest level possible and benefit from various career options that require a doctorate-level degree as a prerequisite, the DNP certainly qualifies.

Online Course of Study

In the past, degrees were studied only on a college campus or at nursing school. This made it difficult for an RN to take a master’s degree, let alone a doctorate-level degree, to advance their career. Most nurses could not afford to take time away from their career or fund the cost of a post-graduate degree program. Any nurses with life responsibilities like a mortgage to pay or children to financially support found it particularly difficult to study academically to advance in their career.

Thankfully, university degrees like the DNP can now be studied online. The complete course has been designed to be studied by existing nurses who can find time to do so between busy shifts at the hospital. Just saving time and money on the commute to a university makes it possible for nurses who wouldn’t be able to enroll otherwise. Not attending classes in person doesn’t hold back students either because a faculty member is usually assigned by the university to provide direct mentorship ensuring no student gets left behind academically.

The affordability of a DNP degree course and online course availability opens the door for many nurses with ambition that now have a way to pursue a more successful nursing career. Once they’ve qualified, the world is their oyster.