5 Fantastic Places to Hunt in the USA

Are you an avid hunter looking for a new and exciting place to hunt?  Maybe you are new to the sport and you are looking for the best state to take a hunting trip?  There are many areas of the country that offer ample hunting opportunities and today, we are going to learn more about them.  We will explore several different states so that you can find one that is right for you.


Georgia is one of those states that has a wide-range of hunting opportunities.  In the southern part of the state, you will find white tail deer and wild hogs.  In the north, the deer are still plentiful, but you can also find a healthy bear population.  You will also find large plantations with thousands of acres of land that will let you hunt for a fee.  But, if you are on a budget, you will also be able to hunt many public tracts of land without spending too much.  Before you hit the trail, you should gear up by visiting websites like bestriflescopereview.com.  This will help you select the right scope for your rifle.

South Carolina

This southern state is home to some of the best hunting in the world!  Here, you will be able to hit the field and the woods in search of deer, bear, wild hogs, and many more species.  If you’re into small game hunting, you will also be glad to know that the rabbit and squirrel hunting is very popular here.  There are many places to hunt here in South Carolina and you can find both public and private hunting access.


Montana is a beautiful state that welcomes hunters with open arms.  Not only does this state have a lot of deer like most states on this list; you can also find elk and antelope.  Montana is a great state for big game hunting so if you want to bag your limit, you should visit here.  There are many record-winning kills in the state, so finding a trophy buck won’t be difficult here.


One of the best states in the country for white tail deer hunting, Iowa has many open acres of land for you to enjoy.  This state may have a low human population, but the deer population here is rampant.  There are so many deer in Iowa that they are often a problem for farmers, as they damage and destroy crops.  Here, you will also find many different types of bird hunting, which is also a fun sport.


The final state on our list is Florida.  This beautiful area of the country is not only home to some of the world’s best beaches, but they also have some amazing hunting.  White tail deer is one of the most popular game species in the state and some of the biggest bucks can be found here as well.  Also, in Florida, you can try your hand at hog hunting and alligator hunting, which are both local favorites.

Each of these states has something different to offer, so finding one that meets your hunting needs won’t be difficult.  So, if you want to try your hand at the sport, why not head to one of these locations during hunting season?