3 Reasons to Take a Family Vacation in Florida

When it’s time to start thinking of where you’ll go for a family vacation, there really is no place on earth better than Florida if you have kids who want to get some activity in. From camping to staying in 5-star hotels, you’ll want to find somewhere where mom and dad can get a little R&R in while the kids will have enough to do to keep them busy while you get in that much-needed break from your busy lives. Looking for a state that has all that and more? Why not check out these three reasons to take a family vacation in Florida.

1. Orlando Is the Theme Park Capital of the World

Nowhere on earth are there as many theme/adventure parks as there are in Orlando, Florida. From the iconic (and first in the State) Disney World to Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there is something for kids of all ages, and mom and dad too! Check out what the Franke family has to say about visiting Orlando on their Holy City website. If one family’s story of travels through Orlando doesn’t inspire you to visit this amazing city of theme parks, nothing will!

2. The Greatest Number of Swimming Beaches in the Country

While the state of Alaska has a longer coastline than Florida, you can’t swim or snorkel the beaches most of the year. In fact, it is so cold on some of that shoreline that you can never really enjoy fun in the sun as there isn’t any for much of the year!

Florida has 1,350 miles of swimmable coastline, most of which can be enjoyed throughout the year, except perhaps those in North Florida, which do get cold in winter months. However, from Central Florida southward, you can go to the beach for a little fun in the sun 12 months out of the year. This, then, is the reason so many families prefer a Florida vacation, especially when coming from the interior of the country with no seaside beaches whatsoever!

3. Pleasant Weather Every Season of the Year

As mentioned, there are parts of Florida which do get cold in winter months, but those places are actually ‘warm’ in comparison to the freezing, snowy northern states. You can always tell a snowbird in Jacksonville or Pensacola in January because they will be the ones in Bermuda shorts and tank tops while the natives have overcoats and hats. If you are looking for a state that has it all from theme parks to beaches, Florida would be your best choice in winter months because there is so much to see and do, no matter what season it is!

So, there you have just three of the main reasons to take a family vacation in Florida, no matter when you can get that much-needed time away. Take the kids to Orlando to have the rollercoaster time of their lives while you relax with a Mai Tai and enjoy the warm subtropical sun. It’s a win-win family vacation you’ll always remember – at least until next year when you come back again.