3 Day Guide to Mexico City

If you have a trip coming up to Mexico then you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to visit its incredible capital Mexico City. Most people who fly to Mexico do so to visit the coastal spots like Los Cabos in Baja California or down to Cancun in Quintana Roo, for a great addition to your trip check out flights to Mexico City and see if you can’t squeeze in a 3 day city break to this cool city. Domestic flights in Mexico are extremely well priced and a couple of days in the capital will not set you back very much money at all.

If you do manage to squeeze in a 3 day break in Mexico City then here is a quick guide to how you can get the most out of the city during those days.

Day 1 – Teotihucan, Basillica de Guadeloupe, Una Cantina 


One of the biggest attractions to visit during your time in Mexico City is the ancient city of Teotihuacan, a fascinating archaeological site which is around and hour and half outside of the city. The site features 2 beautiful pyramids and much of the city has  been either perfectly preserved or well restored. Expect to spend around 2 hours walking in the footsteps of these ancient civilizations. You can find several tours for Teotihuacan online.

Basillica de Guadeloupe

The Basillica de Guadeloupe is a vitally important place for Catholics in this country and whilst from the outside the building doesn’t look the most appealing, inside it is a real site to behold. Given that you won’t have much time after visiting the ancient city this is the perfect place to stop off for 30 minutes and check out the intricate stained glass designs in this important basilica.

Una Cantina

A cantina is about as Mexican as it gets and it is the perfect place to round off your day. Essentially these places are working class bars where the food is free once you have bought a bottle of alcohol, or a couple of beers. Sample great local food and enjoy the traditional Mexican music.

Day 2 – Xochimilco, Coyoacan, Street Food


Once upon a time Mexico City was nothing more than two dried out lakes which over time became this swirling metropolis. Areas of the city still have water and Xochimilco is a vast canal network in the far south of city. Here you can hire a large gondola called a trajinero and head out on the water for some fun. You can take drinks and food on board and the bigger the group you have the better it will be!


Once you have finished the festivities in Xochimilco a great place to spend the rest of your afternoon is in nearby Coyoacan. This is a quiet and very pretty area of the city where you can wander through cobbled-stone streets and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere than in the rest of the city. Mezcal is a drink which you must try here and if you head to Corazon de Maguey in the center of Coyoacan you’ll find a great range of drinks and waiters who can talk you through each type of Mezcal.

Street Food

Finish your day off with some great street food and here there is only one choice, tacos. If you are in Coyoacan then head to Rey de los Tacos on Division del Norte, they have a wide range of options which are cheap and delicious.

Day 3 – Zocalo, Anthropology Museum, Visit the Angel


Zocalo is the historic center of Mexico City and t is a great place to spend your morning.  Here you will find places to visit like the Plaza de Constitucion where many national events happen, including the inauguration of the president. You will also find the ancient cathedral here and Palacio de Bellas Artes is one of the most beautiful theaters which you are likely to see. Don’t miss out on taking some breakfast in the Torre Latino, which was one of the city’s first ever skyscrapers and offers some incredible views of the city.

Anthropology Museum

Given that Mexico City has over 150 museums it would be remiss not to visit at least one and the anthropology museum is the pick of the bunch. This museum near Chapultepec Park houses tens of thousands of artifacts from ancient civilizations, from the Olmecs to the Mayans, The Aztecs to the Incas. Here you’ll learn more about the history of Mesoamerica than you ever though possible, a truly fascinating place.

Visit the Angel

Before you slip off into the night to enjoy a final bit of street food and tequila, head to the Glorieta Insurgentes in Cuauhtemoc and visit the Angel of Independence. This golden angel sitting aloft a tall column is a symbol of freedom in Mexico and makes for the perfect photo opportunity before you go home.

Quick Tips

  • The currency in Mexico is the Peso.
  • Don’t use street cabs, they have a poor reputation and companies like Didi, Uber and Cabify are far cheaper and much safer.
  • Petty crime happens in this city, much like in any big city, so be sure to take precautions like not showing off your gadgets or jewels.
  • If you have a little bit of Spanish then give it a try, the locals love someone trying to communicate with them like this and they’ll help you out.
  • Be careful with the street food you buy, sometimes meat sits out for a very long time, avoid Moctezuma’s Revenge by eating in restaurants.
  • Tap water here is not potable, avoid drinking it and ensure that ice in drinks comes from a bag.

There you have it, a quick itinerary for your 3 day break in this awesome city, have fun!