The Top 4 Countries to Teach English in Africa

On a vast continent of gorgeous landscapes, vibrant cultural traditions, and beautiful people, those who choose to teach English in Africa will be presented with both rewarding challenges and wild adventures.  The quality of education in Africa has room for improvement, however the students’ enthusiasm is high, and ‘English as a foreign language’ teachers are much sought after.  If you’ve been thinking about teaching English in Africa, keep reading for a list of four countries to consider.

1. Kenya

Over the past several decades, Kenyans have used their savannahs and beautiful beaches to build a name for the country as an eco-tourism destination.  And, if you want to do some research on and pack some hunting gear for your time abroad, you’ll certainly be able to do so in your spare time.  However, Kenya also has lots of teaching positions available, particularly for those who want to teach adults.  Paid positions will require you to have a TESL certificate, but you could also work through a Christian charity if you’d prefer.

2. Rwanda

Rwanda may have a grim past, but it has made huge strides forward in recent years.  It is a stunningly beautiful country to visit and is also remarkably safe for foreigners.  Nature lovers can relax by the serene Lake Kivu, or trek through the jungles in the Northern Province where they’ll have the chance to spot the elusive Silverback Gorilla.  The government recently made a push to turn Rwanda into an English-speaking country, so there are plenty of teaching positions available here.  Most teachers will need a TESL certificate and a bachelor’s degree to teach in Rwanda.

3. South Africa

English is one of the official languages in South Africa, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any English teaching jobs available.  Its charm and beauty has led to South Africa becoming an English immersion destination, and this is where most of the jobs are to be found.  Outside of teaching, you can experience the country’s internationally renowned vineyards, take part in extreme activities like shark diving, or even just take a tour of the country’s culinary scene.  It’s a fantastic destination for those who don’t want to experience a full culture shock.

4. Senegal

Finally, we have Senegal.  Predominantly a Muslim nation, Senegal sits on the west coast of the continent and has miles upon miles of beautiful coastlines.  Its population is very hospitable to travelers, and you’ll also get to experience some spicy culinary delights during your stay.  The main language spoken in Senegal is French, however the country’s government is, like Rwanda, placing an importance on learning English.  If you have a working knowledge of French, you’ll be especially sought after.

Africa is a beautiful continent and a great place to teach English.  Just keep in mind that most country’s will require you to have a TESL certificate at a minimum, while others will also require a bachelor’s degree.  It will be well worth the effort of attaining these though.